Component Rebuild

A.C. Wilson Enterprises, Inc. specializes in helping customers update and modernize their operation without breaking the bank.  By remanufacturing your existing equipment,  A.C. Wilson Enterprises can deliver the accuracy and precision of a new machine for roughly half the cost.  Call for a quote today!


Complete remanufacture includes

  • New control including all engineering and documentation for that systembullet
  • Rebuilt clamp and lube systembullet
  • Rebuilt injection unit (screw & barrel can be checked or replaced)bullet
  • Rebuilt hydraulics systembullet
  • Most current features and options (some options extra)bullet
  • Warranty given where applicable 


Keep in mind that A.C. Wilson Enterprises can do more or less than these options depending on a customer’s budget.  A free and complete quote will be given upon request.  See each individual page for specific information on what is entailed for each component of the machine.  Call us so we can help you determine your equipment needs.