Retrofit Controls



  • Very easy to operate interface with familiar P-series layout .Navigation is intuitive on the 8″ or 12″ touch screen.
  • Real time graphing of all phases of injection can be seen on one summary page.
  • Individual graph pages with real-time interactive profile adjustment. Each graph has selectable speed, pressure, and control traces. This makes interpreting data easy for everyone who processes or trouble shoots.
  • Alarm screen showing current alarms and cleared alarms.
  • Constant display on all screens for clamp, eject, and inject positions plus pressure read out and core indication.
  • Diagnostic machine overview screen showing real-time output, input,and analog output signals.
  • Interactive I/O screen that shows individual inputs and outputs with labels. Leave your meter in the tool box because these screens will show feedback and output to/from all devices.
  • Step to step monitoring of all functions which will allow the operator to monitor, alarm, or shut down a cycle depending on need.
  • Internal storage for 100 setups and calibration data. External USB port for printing and saving additional setups. Print screens like these shown for records or shift to shift diagnostics.