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    Terms and Conditions of Field Service Call

    1. Hourly Rates For In Plant Labor:
      1. A. Weekdays - Monday thru Friday $95.00/hr.
      2. B. Saturdays and Weekdays Over Eight Hours Per Day $142.5/hr.
      3. C. Sundays and Holidays $190.00/hr.
    2. Hourly Rates for Travel weekdays - $85.00/hr. Over 8 hours in a day, Saturday, Sunday or holidays - $127.50/hr- Actual hours traveled from Service Engineer's home base and return to his home base(or portal to portal).
    3. The customer will be charged for all expenses incurred (air travel, hotel, rental car, miles, meals, etc.). Actual receipts will not be supplied unless requested prior to processing order, there is a $ 100 charge.
    4. Customer Purchase Order Number and Terms Requirement and Minimum Charge Guarantee: The customer purchase order number requirement below, guarantees that A.C. Wilson Ent. will be compensated for a three (3) hour minimum labor charge, all round trip travel time, expenses and any additional expenses as agreed to at the time of customer authorization. Any additional labor hours to complete the job must be authorized on site by customer, and shall be noted on service report.

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    (To be confirmed after receipt of P.O. Number)

    Please note, we cannot guarantee a scheduled service call without a purchase order number.

    TERMS: A Partial deposit may be required at time of service and balance is due with in twenty (20) days of invoice. Based upon credit approval.

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